🎉 New Feature Dynamic Review Protection ⚔️

🎉 New Feature Dynamic Review Protection ⚔️

Get More Hotels.com Reviews

Boost your Hotels.com reviews with Riivu, a dynamic platform that integrates with 20+ review sites, including Hotels.com, to rack up reviews and expand your online footprint. Experience the ease of managing your reviews and watch your Hotels.com reservations take off.

Accelerate Your Reviews on Hotels.com with Riivu.

Lift your property's status on Hotels.com with Riivu. Our user-friendly reputation management platform makes it a cinch to gather feedback, manage your reputation, and generate more reviews for your property. With Riivu, you can smoothly handle your online reputation across Hotels.com and other review platforms, ensuring a constant flow of positive reviews and happier guests.

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Seamless Integration

Effortlessly connect Riivu with Hotels.com and 20+ review sites for easy management.

Multi-Channel Approach

Collect reviews through email, text message, and provided QR-enabled countertop signs

Prioritize Platforms

Focus on the review sites and platforms most impactful for your business and industry.

Real-time Monitoring

Keep track of your reviews and customer satisfaction and quickly respond to customers.

Riivu is the go-to tool for property owners wanting to boost their reputation and land more bookings on Hotels.com. By making it a snap to get more Hotels.com reviews, Riivu helps owners highlight their property's standout features and draw in more guests. The more stellar reviews you gather, the higher your Hotels.com rankings will rise, leading to greater visibility and a noticeable uptick in bookings. Plus, Riivu's straightforward interface makes managing Hotels.com reviews a breeze, helping owners respond swiftly to feedback and tackle any issues head-on. This level of engagement doesn't just enhance your relationship with guests, it shows potential guests that you're a responsive and attentive host - giving you a leg up in securing more Hotels.com bookings. Riivu offers property owners a solid strategy to enhance their Hotels.com success.