🎉 New Feature Dynamic Review Protection ⚔️

🎉 New Feature Dynamic Review Protection ⚔️

Earn Recurring Revenue by Helping Businesses Manage Their Reputation

Become a Riivu Partner and earn a recurring 30% commission for each client you refer.

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Earn Recurring Revenue by Helping Small Businesses.

Do you enjoy helping businesses enhance their online reputation? Join our Affiliate Program and earn serious money doing just that!You'll receive a monthly recurring 30% commission for every customer who signs up through your affiliate link, for as long as their Riivu account is active.

Top partners can earn $5,000+ every month

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Seamless Integration

Riivu effortlessly integrates with 20+ review sites for easy management.

Multi-Channel Approach

Collect reviews through email, text message, and provided QR-enabled countertop signs

Prioritize Platforms

Focus on the review sites and platforms most impactful for your business and industry.

Real-time Monitoring

Keep track of your reviews and customer satisfaction and quickly respond to customers.

Becoming a Riivu Partner opens the door to a new source of recurring income. By sharing our powerful online reputation management tool, you're not only helping businesses grow, but you're also earning a 30% recurring commission for each successful referral. Riivu is designed to be an easy sell - with its wide range of integrations, customizable landing page, social proof widgets, and more, businesses quickly see the value in our platform.
Moreover, as a Riivu Partner, you're not just an affiliate, but a part of our team. We're dedicated to providing you with all the necessary resources and support to ensure your success. You'll get access to exclusive promotional materials, detailed analytics to track your progress, and prompt payouts. No matter the size of your audience or the industry you're in, Riivu is a product that every business can benefit from. 
By promoting a tool that's committed to helping businesses manage their online reputation efficiently, you're also contributing to their growth and success. So come onboard and help us make the internet a more positive place for businesses, while profiting from your efforts. Join Riivu Partners today and begin your financially rewarding journey.

Riivu Partners FAQ

  • What is the Riivu Partners Program?

    Riivu Partners Program is our affiliate initiative that rewards individuals for referring businesses to our reputation management platform. As a partner, you'll earn a recurring 30% commission for each referred paying customer.

  • How do I become a Riivu Partner?

    Sign up for our affiliate program on the Riivu website. After approval, you'll get access to promotional materials and a unique referral link to start earning.

  • Who can join the Riivu Partners Program?

    Anyone who wants to promote Riivu can join, whether you're a blogger, influencer, business consultant, or just a happy Riivu user!

  • How are commissions tracked and paid?

    Commissions are tracked through your unique referral link and paid monthly via PayPal.

  • Does it cost anything to become a Riivu Partner?

    Our tracking cookies last for 30 days. If a user clicks your link and subscribes to Riivu within this period, you'll earn commission.

  • How long do cookie tracking last?

    While we provide banners, logos, and copy examples, we encourage creating authentic content that resonates with your audience.

  • What promotional materials will I receive?

    Click Order button next to the service you want to purchase and leave your contacts in a follow-up form. We will get in touch with you shortly to clarify all the details.

  • Can I earn commissions on my own Riivu subscription?

    No, self-referrals are not eligible for commissions. The program is intended for you to refer others to Riivu.

Remember, our team is always here to help if you have further questions about the Riivu Partners Program.